About Kelly

Fine Artist, Teacher, Curator.

"Being an artist is a blessing. My life's journey is to make complicated subject matter simple not only in art, but in life."

Artists live in divine dissatisfaction, in the pursuit of perfection, the perfect brush stroke, the perfect color, the perfect line, the perfect jump (in riding), the perfect pasta sauce. I’m working on it and enjoying the process.  

Art has lived with me through my good times and bad.  It’s helped me through three children and the loss of my parents.  There is a process in the pursuit of different art disciplines that helps me through difficulties and as a therapy.  Even designing a logo or branding concept with its specific demands requires redirection of myself to get into my clients’ mindset and fulfill their needs.   

Working with a client to design artwork for a large installation is as complicated as a watercolor for an art competition, a pet portrait, a child’s portrait as a gift for the grandparents or a massive trompe l’oil mural for a catering facility. It all requires complete concentration and focus to complete the project. I feel my best talents are communicating with a client. I like to make the client comfortable with the process and confident with the path we choose together. I work very well with colors and help a client choose the best composition and layout.  I’ve worked very well for over 30 years with professional designers and architects to complete their visions. As a portrait artist, I love to really get to know my clients personality, because it helps me design the best expression of who they are so they will always look at the work with joy and satisfaction.

The process is very simple.  Contact me, we’ll sit down with your ideas, and you will see how easy it is to make amazing expressions of art for you, your home or project.

“Art is not what you see, it’s what you make others see.”  E. Degas