Packed to Go Again

On the road again…… I used to stress about travel as an artist.  As a person who travels and with airlines making it harder and harder to have extra luggage, I really dreaded it.  I needed luggage just for my art supplies.  Pads, pastels and tools take up valuable space where shoes should be!  However, I have learned the trick of digital art through my iPad Pro.  What a joy.  Sometimes things happen for a reason.  A stressful accident left me unable to move much and introduced me to the iPad Art programs which I needed to do for mental therapy!  As I wrote, sometimes things happen for a reason!

Because I have designed and sold many pieces of artwork and did a plethora of branding jobs through my iPad, I have been asked to teach “how” to use digital apps and publish them.  I am in the process of designing a lesson plan to teach this to those who are beginning artists or fine artists who need to make their skills more current and publishable.  I hope to publish it on YouTube.  So if you haven’t already, check out Kelly Bandalos Studios.  Also if you have any suggestions, please contact me and let me know.  What would you like to learn?

Topics covered in my progress:

Figure Drawing Techniques
Still Life Design
Color Theory and Design
Custom Pastel Theory
How to put down a Wet Coat base to pop your Pastel
Pastel Painting Beginners through Advanced Techniques
How to do Digital Painting on you IPad

All these videos will be starters to help you take make an artistic expression in the world.  Above are mixes of digital, oil paintings and pastels.  Can you tell the difference?