Mictē found a New Home

After a wonderful show at the Missouri History Museum last weekend, one of my pieces in the show was sold to Taylor Holland of St Louis.  This piece named Mictēcicāhuatlē, is named for the queen of the underworld, Mictlan.  To explain that, the underworld is not hell  it is merely the afterlife and a place of eternal rest.  Not to get to complicated here in the blog please listen to this brief explaination on YouTube by Laura Gonzales,  (https://youtu.be/RCuKbOLw-5U ).   Interestingly the man who bought Mictē, Taylor, celebrated his birthday on the “Day of the Dead”,  November 1st.  Amazing.  The exhibition at the Museum explained Dia de Los Muertos to the local people of Missouri that do not understand this Aztec Holiday.  This 3000 year old ( plus) holiday celebrates those lives ones that we have lost.  Gifts,  omentos and totems are used to create an “alter” to that particular person.  So the Museum had speakers and lecturers to talk on certain topics.  Dancers and music added to the celebration and mood.  In the main hall where my work was, there was a beautiful vocalist that sang  most of Sunday.  It was a great opportunity to show three of the Catrinas that I created.  One of the Catrinas was from Mexico in a traveling exhibition and the other two were pieces that were created since we moved back to the states here in St Louis.

‘So this show at the museum and another event through the Contemporary Museum have been time consuming, so this month of November is about getting back to work and back on track with YouTube’s about how to draw and use various mediums including a digital application with Procreate.

‘I’ll be posting my blog more and spending time on new interviews with new portraits this month.  My two interviews this month will be of two lovely people, a power couple,  Zack and Brie Smithy.  When we moved to St Louis, Zack was one of my first contacts and as the year progressed we became friends and his wife’s business is working with my husbands health suppliments by adding her amazing protein bars ( meal replacements) with his product line.  So the Bandalos’ and the Smithys’ Are doing a lot together.  As I move along in the process I’ll post it here and the creation on YouTube.

‘It’s great to be back blogging and sharing the adventure.  Have a super day!  Namasté


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