New Website coming soon!

Life can be challenging, I must admit. As we go through life as artist, we see life one way and maybe other people see life differently. I always try to help people to support their process and many times it conflicts my own. The older I get the more I realize, this is my life and my process as well, so I need to express my vision myself. I had a website for many many years through Weebly. It was easy to build and edit as I went through shows and moves from New York, to Hawaii to Mexico. I had a busy art life and I posted so many times and showed artwork and meeting great people in the adventure. In Mexico I was convinced to change to WordPress to open a commerce page which at the time wasn´t on Weebly. unfortunately, WordPress was all coded (not my cup of tea), so I opted out and hired someone in Mexico. Although he was very nice and I truly appreciated the effort, it just wasn´t the effect I wanted, so when we moved to STL, I found a seemingly nice woman to update and create the site I was aiming for. Well that didn’t work and now I am less a commerce site and video site to link my YouTube videos.

So, I’m learning a new thing. I found a builder that works similar to Weebly and I´ll give it a try. Of coarse I’m still doing artwork and will commence with my videos in a month. This spring is looking very busy and I´m so excited to move through another new chapter. Please forgive my construction and feel free to contact me anytime with artwork questions and price inquiries.

This old dog still has some new tricks. Stay tuned and enjoy the updates.

always working, one foot in front of the other, with Love.

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