Life Drawing on the Road

As I have been traveling and settling, I have been in Saint Louis, Missouri for awhile.  I have found some great Art groups, suck as the St. Louis Artist Guild.  They have life drawing groups and many other artist interactions.  There are so many galleries and art groups here.

I’ve really enjoyed meeting and interacting with other artists who speak English.  It’s been absolutely inspirational to not have to work so hard at communication.  The intricate conversation of technique, color, texture and inspiration has been lost in my recent Mexican explorations.   So being back in an English speaking world has been relaxing and allows me to concentrate on my work.

As soon as I landed here, I looked online and found a group and an app called “meetup”.  It has all kinds of groups, from artists groups to fishing groups, or chess playing groups or mothers groups.  So many ways to meet people here that share the same interests.  It’s been amazing and easy to go to at least 5-6 life drawing sessions  a week, or Plein Aire groups who go out together and paint in the landscape. I’m really enjoying my time here.